12th December 2011

LKA - another lovely day for us - Zorro is in the cards again !

Summeramba Under Pressure comes out for the first time in months and is in the cards along with her 2 half sisters, Summeramba Busy Lizzie and Maltqudos Miss Mash -

all daughters of Summeramba Hear No Evil JW

Ethel & Porridge are in the cards aswell !!

7th December 2011

Zorro gains 3 first’s at MGRC Champ Show

and Best Puppy Dog,  & RBPIS at 7 months old !!

13th  November 2011

Fantastic News - Qualify ZORRO for Crufts 2012 !!!!

 Updating  website with 3 months of details !!

Planned Litters  -  Updated

1st August 2011

Progeny Show News - Updated

29th July 2011

Progeny Show News - Maltqudos Miss Mash

****Darcie wins Best Of Breed & Gundog Group 1****

28th July 2011

 Introducing  - Summeramba Doris Day - owned by Carron & Jeremy

24th July 2011

Our Shows News & Progeny Show News - will be updated over the next few days

Puppies - born 12th June 2011

Mabel and Mash have had their puppies - 5 bitches & 3 dogs

9th June 2011

Clear eye certificates for:

Summeramba Under Pressure, Summeramba Bottoms Up, Summeramba Daffodil & Summeramba Sunflower

7th June 2011

Progeny Show News

PL. CH Summeramba Countdown

Awarded another CAC

Judge Julie Seamons

6th June 2011

Planned litters - Updated

25th April 2011

Our Puppies - Updated - Powder & Mash have their puppies

18th April 2011

Puppies - Updated - Rosie & Mash have 12 puppies !!

11th April 2011

Puppies - Updated

Our Shows News - Updated

Progeny Show News - Updated

6th April 2011

Spencer - Summeramba Last Orders - wins his 1st CC in Denmark

Planned litters - Updated

Puppies - Updated

Our Shows News - Updated

Progeny Show News - Updated

30th March 2011

Summeramba Sunflower - New photo

Summeramba Bottoms Up - New photo

Summeramba Ethel JW  -  New photo

29th March 2011

Both Maggie & Powder have been confirmed in whelp with large litters..............ooohhhhh

Planned Litters - Updated

Puppies - Updated

27th March 2011

Our Shows News - Updated

Progeny Show News - Updated

CRUFTS 2011 - what a wonderful day - we were so proud having quite a few  SUMMERAMBA progeny in the rings.  Doesn't matter whether they were placed, 'they' were qualified !!! Either we bred them or our dogs were their Sires, still part of Summeramba - well done everyone !!!!!!

Summeramba  Zeus / Summeramba Ticket To Ride / Soft Truffle by Ambamara / Crossview Summer Alliance JW/ Summeramba See No Evil / Summeramba Sunflower / Summeramba One For The Road / Summeramba Bottoms Up / Summeramba Top It Up......and there were others that qualified but didn't go

5th March

 East Anglian Supermatch was a lovely evening - having had 2 Summeramba puppies qualify - Summeramba Sunflower & then Vicky's Maltqudos Miss Mash ( Mash is the daddy !) - which was a knockout competion, & we went through a couple of rounds, but no more.  Cracking evening though, with good company.


2nd March 2011

Planned Litters - Updated

26th February 2011

Planned Litters -  More news

Our Shows News - Updated

Progeny Show News - Updated

10th February 2011

Our Shows News  -  Updated - Dilly gets another Best Puppy

Progeny Show News - Updated - Darcie gets another Best Puppy

 Planned Litters -

Mash & Dodfordian Golden Jewel have been mated

 31st January 2011

Summeramba One For The Road - Clear DNA tested for GR_PRA1

Progeny Show News - Updated

                           Maltqudos Mis Mash  - new photos on her pagep Show - see his page

Soft Truffle By Ambamara - Teddy winning Special Beginners Stakes at Boston Champ Show - See his page

29th January 2011

Puppies - Sugar & Mash's puppies have been born -

1 bitch & 8 dogs

28th January 2011

Planned Litters -

 Caffimbra Chicagos Lady & Mash have been mated

CanCH Dazling Gold Leap Of Faith CanCD & Mash have been mated

Our Shows News  -  Updated

Progeny Show News - Updated

9th January 2011

Puppies - Mash & Connie's puppies have been born -

2 bitches & 5 dogs

7th January 2011

Our Show News- Updated

Progeny Show News - Updated

5th January 2011

Planned Litters - Mash & Sugar are in whelp